web / mobile / software / UX / UI / visual design

The Brief

Clear is a service that uses biometric scanning technology to identify its users and allow them to speed through security identification procedures at airports and sports stadiums. At a Clear kiosk, members can scan their fingerprints or eyes at security points without ever having to take our their wallets.

As a freelance UI/UX designer for Clear, I worked on four projects: kiosk enrollment at airports, enrollment on the mobile app, member account page on web, and the Hertz partnership landing page.

Screens from optimized kiosk enrollment

Kiosk Enrollment User Experience

As a freelance product designer for Clear, I worked on the design for the airport kiosks to improve the enrollment flow and unify the visual identity.

Mobile app enrollment

Clear allows membership enrollment though their mobile app. I worked on UX improvements based on user testing learnings and aligning the visual design.

Membership Account Page

I worked on optimizing the design of the account pages so that users could more easily manage or make changes to their membership. I also introduced to this page the ability to manage linked accounts as well as edit payment method.

Hertz Landing Page