Digiday Events

UI / branding / front-end dev

The Brief

Digiday's summits are destination events held in cities all over the world. Digiday needed a landing page for a one-page responsive microsite to serve as a template for each summit, awards gala, and career fair. This visual branding would carry over to other digital products.

Digiday Event Landing Page

What I Did

As visual designer for Digiday, I designed a microsite that introduces users to a video of the event location and scenes from previous summits. Sections provide attendees information about the events, including speakers, the agenda, the venue, and registration.

The microsite is responsive so that event attendees can easily view this site on any device while at an event. Each type of Digiday event has a different color association. The color theme for each event page changes according to the color theme for that event.